Fin Condenser with E-coating

Quality Certification




Intruduce of Fin Condenser with E-coating

Excellent Anti-corrosion Ability

Acid salt spary test time:1000 hours

Neutral salt spary test time:3000 hours


1. 10 years or more Corrosion Protection;
2. Good energy-saving, to stop energy consuming increase continuously;
3. In Serious Corrosion area like Sea Port, Island, Marine, Oil & gas platform,

    Nuclear Power, Chemical Industry etc, give coil double life time;
4. In somewhere to replace Copper-Copper or Stainless Steel Coil,save cost;
5. Reduce frosting, very positive for Refrigeration and Food Cabinet;
6. Avoid bacteria and microbial grows, improve health level;
7. Self-Cleaning (easy to move dirty, oil, incrustant etc), reduce daily maintenance work;
8. 100% protection, much less quality problem and after sales service